The Insurance company is the least humorous of all companies.

That said, the following letters were posted from a Major Irish Insurance Company in May 2007.

Approximately 100 letters were sent, 25 copies of the four letters below. Several 'one off' letters were also sent.

The letters were sent to clients picked at random from the Company's client database and were sent without the knowledge or authorisation of the Insurance Company.

In a company of this size letters are stamped en masse with a company franking machine and mailed without question.

Information regarding the identity of the company and the recipients of the letters has been "redacted" for legal reasons. The obscured words in the letter text are the name of the Company.

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Recycling Badger 1/1 

Automatically Generated Letter 1/1 

Hamburgler at the helm 1/2 

Hamburgler at the Helm 2/2 

Billy Tamarind 1/2 

Billy Tamarind 2/2